Thirty Short Stories


Here we shed light on a period comprising the greater half of the 20th Century, creating fully developed characters...places and events.   The stories range from dramatic to satiric to several for the science fiction fan.  An eclectic mix of tales for readers of all tastes and ages.  Here's a review: 

     In Thirty Short Stories, author Gary Alexander Azerier has shed light on a period that comprises the greater half of the 20th Century. His detailed acknowledgement of the many incidental differences that separate the contemporary world is the true spice of Nostalgia as it is intended to be.

​Only experience can lend the flavor Gary Alexander Azerier brings to his marvelous, and well written storytelling adventures. Yet the prevailing similarity of things commonly human become the stuff of the work making it enjoyable fare for any reader of any age.  

Not unlike the historical fiction writers of old, who had to apprise us of the details of the world in which their characters acted out their adventures, Gary Alexander Azerier creates character after character that he may, or may not have shared experience with, but those characters are fully developed and real entities.

​What I got from this wonderful book by Gary Alexander Azerier was a warm feeling, a sense of wonder, and a great sentiment for the people of this Earth and the feelings that seemed to be generated merely, and extraordinarily by our own sojourns through life.

I heartily recommend it for people anxious to read a testimonial to Humanity at its best.

Review by Mary Barnet
Founder and Editor In Chief of